7 Tips for Planning Your Perfect Wedding

7 Tips for Planning Your Perfect Wedding

May 22, 2017 Blog

After the initial excitement from the engagement wears off, many brides are faced with the same feeling of panic as they realize just how much there is to do before their big day. At first, the responsibilities and never-ending to-do lists might seem monstrous — an un-scaleable wall that acts as a barrier between you and your dream wedding. However, with the right wedding planner and with the right mindset, suddenly that wall looks a lot less intimidating. Here are 7 great tips that will help you to process this exciting experience in bite-sized chunks, rather than all at once. Keep these in mind as you plan, and everything should run smoothly.

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1. Plan the wedding YOU want to have!

You’ve gotten engaged recently, and a lot of people are starting to get excited for your wedding! You’re starting to think about how you might want your wedding to look, who you want to invite, what you want to serve at the reception, and everything else that rushes through an anticipating bride’s head. As you consider all your options, your friends and family are probably starting to weigh in on what they hope your wedding is like. On top of the pressure you may feel from them, there’s the pressure to conform to the hottest new trends in the wedding world. These suggestions from loved ones, and these wedding trends might all be great – but are they what you want for your special day? Remember that there’s not just one way to plan a wedding! Ultimately, do what YOU want to do. Don’t make decisions just because “that’s the way everyone else does it,” or because “that’s what’s traditional.” Have the wedding you’ve always dreamed of! You wedding planner will work with you and your fiancé to organize and execute the perfect wedding. It’s your decision.

2. Start with the broadest details first.

A good way to become quickly overwhelmed when planning your wedding is to focus on the minutia and small details at the beginning of the planning process. Make sure you begin with the large aspects of your special day, then address the details as you go. Think of the planning process as a funnel: you should begin with the large side, then work your way down. If you filter everything through the broadest features first, you should have a much easier time with the smaller details.

3. Select your venue before making any other decisions.

When it comes to selecting a venue, it might be tempting to hold off until you’ve had ample time to decide, while in the meantime, planning the rest of your wedding day. However, it is best to select your venue before you plan anything else. Sometimes, the venue will have certain rules or regulations that mandate certain services. For example, it would be a mess if you already hired a caterer, then discovered that your dream venue only allows you to use their in-house caterer. On the other hand, sometimes the things you may have envisioned for your wedding before you select the venue just won’t work logistically. Keep this in mind when thinking about a venue.


“Plan for the exceptions; be pleasantly surprised

with the normal.” – Mark Creasey II



4. Come to your first planning meeting with at least three possible dates in your mind.

This one is fairly simple. When you arrive at your first meeting with your wedding planner, be prepared with at least three potential dates for your wedding. There’s a good chance your preferred date could be already booked, especially if you have selected a popular venue. Having a few backup dates will help ease your worries if your main preference is unavailable.

5. Remember your guests don’t know which options you had to choose from.

If you are worried about what your guests might think about the choices you’ve made at your wedding, don’t be! They don’t know that prime rib was an option when you selected the chicken breast. They don’t know that you chose linen tablecloths rather than silk. The only people who ever knew what options you were offered were your fiancé, your wedding planner, and you. Remember, your guests are there because they care about you!

6. Choosing local amenities and services will make everything easier.

When it comes to amenities, services, and gifts, shopping locally will ultimately save you lots of time and hassle. At the same time, we understand that brides and grooms often have an affinity for services outside of the city in which they are getting married. However, using local services will ensure things go smoothly on the big day. Especially when giving gifts to family members or members of the bridal party, purchasing local items will give lasting sentimental value and memories of your wedding for years to come.

7. Go with the flow!

When your wedding day finally arrives, you and your wedding planner will finally have everything in order and ready to go. However, there are things that even the best and most organized of wedding planners cannot predict or prevent. Someone will step on the bride’s train. Your uncle will be too loud. Someone will spill salad dressing on a groomsman’s suit. The officiator of the wedding will misplace his notes. It will start to rain right as you say your vows. These things and more could happen no matter how much time and effort you put into planning – and that’s okay! As Mark Creasey, the Entwined Events Director of Planning & Logistics, likes to say, “Plan for the exceptions; be pleasantly surprised with the normal.” Just relax and realize that even if everything isn’t perfect, you still get to marry the love of your life and celebrate with all your closest friends and family.

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